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Standing in the River While the World Falls Down

By Jen Browne


Willow Blind conjures the dead women and mothers of her family tree to help her find her daughter Sweetheart. Believing Sweetheart’s husband Astro had something to do with her disappearance, the women seek to exact magical revenge on him. Flowing in and out of time the threads of Astro and Sweetheart’s relationship are slowly pulled apart and intertwined with Willow’s search. Along the way Willow re-discovers the strength hidden in her family tree and herself but will justice be served or not?

This play is ready for a reading, a workshop, or other development opportunity.

(4F, 1M)


Semi-Finalist Bay Area Playwrights Festival, 2023

Lather Rinse Repeat, 2022

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Wadada & 

the Whale

By Jen Browne

Following two brothers after the death of their parents Wadada and the Whale explores grief, faith, and what happens when you're trapped in your own mythology.

Still in development this early draft is ready for the next phase of growth and adventure.

(2M, 1F) 

Semi-Finalist Bay Area Playwrights Festival, 2020

Lather Rinse Repeat, 2016

Hags, Mopes, and the End of All Existence

By Jen Browne

Hags and Mopes have been married for as long as they can remember and they have had just about enough of each other so maybe it's not such a bad thing there's a comet making its way straight towards them, the blizzard of the century isn't letting up, or that the cow and the goat have moved to Florida because the end is near and they can barely remember the beginning.  


Hags, Mopes, and the End of All Existence is an absurd tale exploring age, love, and the race against time nobody can elude, not even chickens.

(1F, 1M)


2017 Seven Devils Theatre Conference Semi-Finalist

Reading with Project Y Theatre, 2018

Developed as part of Pipeline Theatre's 2016 Playlab Class

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A True Story
By Jen Browne

Alba, Lissa, and Mimsy have been on the hunt for their father since they were young girls. When the phone rings out of the blue it is of course time for a press conference, a wrestling match, and some time in the spotlight. A True Story is an absurdist play about an absent father and his three daughters. It explores memory and how time and desire can change the way we remember the past.

(3F, 1M)


Reading, Lather Rinse Repeat, 2022


Diabolical Starfish

By Jen Browne

A solo work for person and puppet, explores the isolated but predictably contented life of Charlie. Distrust of the outside world binds Charlie and shower cap compandre, Charley, to their New York apartment. All is well until their routine filled reality is shattered and the outside world demands their attention.


Additional forms of puppetry are utilized throughout the play.

Reading, Dixon Place

Reading, Lather Rinse Repeat: Playwright Collective

Original monologue presented as part of CapsLock Theatre's Pussyfest

Call Me She

Collaborative work with Purple Threads Ensemble and choreographer Jessica Taylor, integrating text movement and multi-media design to explore identity and the mind.

(2F, 2M, 5-7F dancers/chorus) 

Kitchen Riots,  Purple Threads Ensemble

Reading, The Pajama Factory

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