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After a fun and fabulous year of collaboartion Jen's term as a member Pipeline Theatre Company's Playlab class is coming to an end! 


Come celebrate at Pipeline's annual Bonfire Series and hear the latest version of Hags, Mopes and the End of All Existence!

Racine Loves Flowers but Don't We All

May 2016 Red Caravan Theatre and Capslock Theatre Company teamed up to present the fourth annual Pussyfest as part of Red Caravan Reads!

Working with the wonderful Jo Mei and Mikhaela Mohony, new monologue Racine Loves Flowers but Don't We All was part of a glowing evening featuring 25 new works!

Old News
April 2016 dance theatre piece Call Me She was presented with Purple Threads Ensemble at the Pajama Factory in Williamsport, PA!

January 2016 new short Kingdom by the Sea was featured in Pipeline Theatre's annual Matchstick Series!  


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